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Terrible for inserting text, and it keeps randomly crashing so that I always lose my saved work. When I copy and paste a selection, not only does the pasted selection appear in a random spot (sometimes even over the drawing itself!), it also doesn't allow me to move it unless I select it again. Which sucks, because, as I already mentioned, it may - no, ALWAYS - appears over the drawing. Sometimes when I wish to paste the selection, it jumps out of the frame.

To be completely honest, I am extremely disgruntled and frustrated with the quality of this application. I will not use it anymore and am looking for better alternatives. Which will be a breeze to find, seeing as to how this is one of the worst paint application I have ever used.

However, the appearance looks rather nice, but it doesn't change my opinion of the horribleness of Paintbrush.

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03 Sep 2012

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